Hedgerow Harvest | Rose hip syrup and sloe gin

Hedgerow Harvest | Rose hip syrup and sloe gin

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Traditional Sloe Gin


500g ripe sloes

250g sugar, or try without the sugar...you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

1 litre of Gin, I used No.3 London Dry Gin 



  • Prick the sloes with a thorn from the tree or a toothpick 
  • Put them in a suitably sized Kilner or jam jar
  • Pour over the sugar and the gin
  • Close the lid
  • Shake and shake every day until the sugar has dissolved
  • Store in a dark cupboard


After 3 months


  •  Strain out the sloes using muslin, bottle and store in a dark cupboard
  • Try to wait 1 to 10 + years before opening a bottle



Rosehip Syrup


Wild food expert and brewer Andy Hamilton, says now it is the ideal time to find fruits and plants among the hedgerows and use them to create home brews.


“In October, rosehips* are plentiful and they’re great in cocktails,” says Andy. “Simply boil a handful in 550ml water, strain, and then stir in 500g sugar until fully dissolved. Allow to cool, add a splash of vodka (which acts as a preservative) and refrigerate.” (Straining twice will ensure that none of the fine hairs inside the hips remain.)


Rosehips look like small red berries. They have a distinctive shape and are only found growing on rose bushes. They are not to be confused with other small red berries, which may be poisonous. Try to pick wild hips away from roads as they will be less likely to have been exposed to exhaust or other pollutants. If you pick from your own garden, make sure they are from plants that haven't been sprayed with pesticides.


Image Credits: domesticsluttery.com