Tips for a Warmer Winter

Tips for a Warmer Winter

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This month, The Linen Works were featured in Period Living and Homify's how to keep a warm home lists. This led us to think that feeling warm is also great for the mind and body. On a physical level, warm hands and feet suggest our blood circulation is in good flow. Once the body feels warm, our mind tends to switch to calm and relax mode…


With this brisk January weather showing little signs of letting up, we’re keeping our nests cosy and warm. There are many ways to enjoy a warmer Winter without having to adjust your thermostat. Here are our favourite tips…


1 | Curtains

Curtains are a great way to retain heat in your home. Allow extra length when making up to keep the cold from seeping in.



2 | Draught Excluders

Block out the chill. Draught excluders are a smart way to keep the draft out and heat in, plus they look great and add an extra cosy element to your home décor.  As seen in Period Living >



3 | Mattress Toppers

Add a touch of luxury and warmth to your bed with a merino wool mattress topper. Wools natural fibres insulate in the cold and cool in the heat – total body temperature regulator just like our washed linen. We see it as the icing on the cake.


4 | Linen Layers

Rather than turning up the heat before you drift off to dreamland, add layers to keep you warm. Linen naturally retains heat and responds to body temperature. From flat sheets, duvet covers to a heavier linen throw – layers are the best part of winter.




5 | Pyjamas

As seen on Homify, linen pyjamas are irresistibly chic in cold weather. Breathable like a second skin, they not only look luxurious and comfortable to sleep in, but they look good at the breakfast table.



6 | Bake-off

There’s nothing better for the mind, body and soul than the smell of freshly baked bread. Winter is the perfect time to get in the kitchen and try those bake-off recipes. From chocolate brownies to apple crumble, baking will keep the house warm and smelling delicious.


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