5 Reasons Why We Love Flat Sheets

5 Reasons Why We Love Flat Sheets

Posted by Larissa Cairns on

As lovers of bed linen, we couldn’t bear the thought of the flat sheet becoming a thing of the past. Don’t let it sit unloved in the linen cupboard. Bring it out and be proud. 

1 | Layering adds style and interest. Try using a different colour that complements your duvet cover.

2 | It’ll keep your duvet fresher for longer. Who enjoys wrestling with a King Size duvet cover on a regular basis?

3 | Adds extra warmth in the Winter. During the Summer months just the flat sheet will do.

4 | If you’re a blanket person, flat sheets are the true heroes. 

5 | A good alternative to fitted sheets for those odd mattress sizes. 


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