How Mireille Rose Came to Be

How Mireille Rose Came to Be

Posted by Larissa Cairns on

In search of a pale rose

Provence. A historical region in southeastern France that nourishes a gamut of life’s simple likings across hill-top villages held together by amiable beauty. This idyll stretch of the Mediterranean offers a spectacle of mesmerising purity and has long fuelled me with inspiration. Smudges of lavender, vineyards and olive trees poised under the spotlight of the warm sun are all what allows this province to remain overwhelmingly Provençal; not to mention the memorable family-infused communities behind it.

Even if it is only in our imagination, the moment the heat strikes and sun begins to shine from season-to-season, it is Provence where we find we escape to; a procrastination that is more than often fortified through a whisperingly transparent rosè wine connected with this region. Over the years some of our rosé-drinking habits have changed. I recently caught a friend plucking bottles of wine out of a shop fridge, holding them up to the light and musingly squinting at them. “I am looking to see which is the palest,” she said, when I asked.

Rosé has been getting lighter, not just in Provence but further afield geographically too. Just over a decade ago, many rosé wines were a sumptuous, deep raspberry blush. Now, we long for a fashionably pale, light and refreshing thirst-quencher; one with the shade of faded ballet pumps or delicately poached salmon.

I have always loved the romantic shades of a rosé colourway scattered around my home in the form of cushions, linen sheets and of course a beloved bath robe, one of my all-time favourite products in our pure European linen collection. Even so, I must confess that over the years – in the same way rosés are becoming fairer - I have been wanting to weave rose linen cloths with only a small trace of pigment, so that they are only just discernibly pink.

So here we introduce to you our new refinement of our rose colourway with a long-awaited update: Mireille Rose. A soft touch of pink, this modern rose that is pale yet interesting... 

With love,

Larissa x