Freshen Up Your Spring Cleaning Routine

Freshen Up Your Spring Cleaning Routine

Posted by Larissa Cairns on

It is coming round to that time of the year again, where the fresh morning light is starting to reveal those unused corners and lines of dust around your house that have been kept in the dark through the winter months.But before you pull on your Marigolds, take a look at some of our tips for a more eco-friendly and cost effective way to get your home ready for spring.



1 | We are increasingly more conscious of our environmental impact, wanting a full traceability of the products we eat and wear, so why not extend this to the cleaning products we use at home. There are a number of readily available and natural ingredients around the kitchen which you can combine to make your own green cleaning products, which are earth friendly and won’t contaminate your home.  Start off with a basic all-purpose cleaner:

  • ½ cup of vinegar
  • ¼ cup baking soda
  • 2 litres of water
  • Mix in a spray bottle

(For more recipes, see Kinfolk)



2 | If creating your own cleaning concoctions is just a little too far-fetched, especially when it comes to washing your linens, there are a growing number of non-toxic home cleaning products becoming available on the market including our very own range of Laundry Liquid, Fabric Softener and Linen Water. Meticulously developed in the UK using ethically safe ingredients that is both environmentally responsible and kind to the skin, the collection is delicately fragranced with essential oils with notes of Bergamot infused with meadow flowers. 



3 | Our Linen Hand Towels are completely lint free making it the perfect glass cloth as it gives totally streak free drying. Our linen is designed to last for years so you can keep using them time and again. For windows, use a mixture of half water, half white wine vinegar and spray it directly onto the glass then go over the surface with the hand towel or if you are feeling especially frugal, use newspaper instead which creates an equally fantastic shine. 


4 | One of the easiest way to keep your home free from dirt is to not wear shoes inside the home and invest in some house slippers. We especially love these linen and velvet ones from Keiko Uchida, which will make sure that you physically and mentally leave the impurities of the world outside. 



5 | Finally, throw open the windows and let in what the German’s beautifully call, afrischluft, which means a stream of fresh, spring air into your home.