On the Menu: Our Interview with Madeleine Shaw

On the Menu: Our Interview with Madeleine Shaw

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A nutritional speaker, a yoga instructor and an all-round inspiration for a positive path towards healthy living and nourishment, Madeleine Shaw's overriding philosophy aims to enliven a happy you. Keeping dishes simple and delicious is key for Madeleine, and we'd like to think we adopt a few similar ways of life at The Linen Works. With an emphasis on simple, pared-back living at a slowed pace here, we took some time out with the glowing food guru, and a fan of our linens, to find out how this laid-back lifestyle is embraced within Madeleine’s menus as well as inside her home.


Could you tell us a little bit about your new app Glow Guides?


Of course! Glow Guides is an 8 week transformational programme. It's your pocket personal trainer, life coach and nutritionist - all in an app. I wanted to create a transformational app that focused on transforming the mind and body through good nutrition, daily meditations, body stretching yoga, and workouts lead by PT and my best friend Shona Vertue.


How did your love of cooking first start?


I first got into cooking when I got into healthy eating. I started working at an organic cafe in Bondi where I learnt to properly prepare and cook good, wholesome foods. I carried on cooking, moved back to the UK, started my blog and I haven't looked back. I'm a self-taught chef, but cooking feels natural to me. I love experimenting in my kitchen and find that it puts me at ease.


 Madeleine's new 'Breakfast Salad'. Find the full receipe in 'Get the Glow'


What inspires your recipes?


I get inspiration from everywhere and anywhere. I love eating in restaurants and trying to recreate it at home. I also look at everyday foods that people love such as pasta dishes, bread, breakfast cereals and put my own unique spin on it. You'd never realise that using coconut cream to make a courgetti carbonara could be so delicious!



What’s the first piece of advice you would give to someone looking to live a healthy lifestyle?


Find whats right for you. There is no one diet that fits everyone, don't cut out food groups, stick to whole foods and fill your plate with veggies.


Take us through a typical day/your morning routine?


There's nothing I love more in the morning than waking up, having a stretch to get my circulation going, then going to wash my face. I'll then go and make breakfast which usually consists of avocado, scrambled eggs and rye bread, and if I'm feeling adventurous maybe some smoked salmon too. It's really important for me to start my day with protein. It keeps me going until lunch time.


What’s your latest interior buy?


A wooden desk from quirky interiors it's the dream.


Favourite item in your home?


My kitchen table, it's handmade with a wooden top and cast iron legs. It's the first proper thing I bought for my house because I spend so much time working and eating there, and I love it.


Favourite decorating style at the moment? 


Scandinavian style. I love lots of marble, copper and linen.


What are your thoughts on our new laundry range products? Would you recommend?  


I adore it. I love the packaging, the smell and it works so well.


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What is your favourite place in the UK?


My family have a house on the Isle of Wight and I've got so many fond memories from there. I would spend my summers there, playing on the beach and in the sea. We go back every year and I love it because I find it so peaceful.


What is your favourite seasonal ingredient right now?


There's so many amazing produce to choose from in the UK in the summer. I have to say British strawberries and peaches are making a big appearance in my kitchen at the moment, as are aubergines and lots of fresh lettuce and salad leaves.


 Discover more on Madeleine Shaw at www.madeleineshaw.com 


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