Meet Our Model: Gill Macpherson

Meet Our Model: Gill Macpherson

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At The Linen Works we enjoy welcoming people from all walks of life to be involved with our team and to give them the opportunity to bring a fresh perspective to our brand.

On our most recent photography shoot we met Gill Macpherson, who modelled the newest additions to our clothing line.We took some time to find out more about Gill, her love of linen, and what inspires her most.

Tell us a little about you, and your modelling career to date…

I started modelling when I was 18 and living in South Africa. Modelling as a career has gifted me with the most invaluable experiences. My first contract was in Japan which was incredible, and after that I moved to Europe where I mostly worked in London and Germany. I gave up modelling when I started a family, but it has been so nice to revisit it now. It was my daughter who opened my eyes to the opportunity that women can model no matter your age.

Have you always wanted to be a model?

Yes, I wish I had come back to it earlier in a way. I have met the most talented people, have been lucky enough to travel to so many different places and every time I do something I just think how different it is to a 9-5 office job.

What has been the highlight for you in your career so far?

Generally, what has been lovely in the industry is working with the same groups of people; I have also made a lot of new friends that are of similar age to me since coming back to modelling. If I had to choose one highlight it would be a photography shoot I did which took place abroad the Queen Mary II. We sailed from Southampton to New York for 7 days, shooting whilst we crossed the Atlantic Sea. That was wonderful, and, as we glided silently into port, the sun was rising over the State of Liberty and it was beautifully breath-taking to witness to say the least.

Our linen collection looks gorgeous on you. Is it a material that you would usually opt for in your day-to-day wardrobe?

Yes, I love linen. I very much enjoy wearing it. I have quite a casual wardrobe and mostly wear loose fitting items such as blouses. I had never tried linen trousers before the shoot, but I think they are perfect for a holiday outfit or day-to-night look that can be achieved with great ease.

You wore our new colourways for autumn, Mustard and Anthracite. Which one is your favourite?

If you had asked me before the shoot I would have said Anthracite, as it would fit so easily into my wardrobe. The colour is tremendously adaptable and would go nicely with so many of my clothing purchases. However, when I put the Mustard variation on I was elated at how lovely it looked. I do not really own any similar colours as I never thought it would suit blonde and fair features, but I was pleasantly surprised and I now think that Mustard is my preferred colour out of the two! The colour is so uplifting in person, it instantly put a smile on my face.

You modelled our new rose colourway for us in pyjamas. What did you think?

Just gorgeous! The tone is a colour I would choose both at bedtime and during the day, I must admit I always feel good in pink hues. They were so soft and comfortable I wanted to go home from the shoot in them! The bath robe is as equally delightful.

New Rose Linen Pyjamas

If you had to choose an event to wear each of the looks you modelled, where would you go?

I think the Linen Sleeveless Shirt Mustard or the Linen Short Sleeve Top Mustard would be lovely for somewhere sunny, maybe a nice lunch on holiday or to the office to brighten up a dull autumn day. The Anthracite colourway is also so easy to wear that I could wear it anytime. From shopping and lunch to a nice meal in the evening, it is very versatile. The Linen Skirt I think I would save for a smarter occasion, a milestone meal with friends, or even for a casting as they often ask you to look a little chicer. It was super flattering, as it did not feel too tight around the waistline but it still had a wonderful silhouette to it that gave me a shapely outline.

Our linen clothing is long-lasting. Name one piece in your wardrobe you couldn’t live without or is a treasured item?

I have a mohair scarf from my mother that I treasure as it is so warm and soft and still looks lovely, even after a lot of use! Otherwise, I have a simple black dress that is ready for any occasion.

Name one piece from our collection that you have particularly warmed to.

I love the look of the Linen Nightie, it just looks soft and oozes timeless appeal – I really could see myself wearing whilst pottering around the house on a Sunday morning or under a Linen Bath Robe at breakfast when guests are over the house. The Linen Short Sleeve Shirt suited my style and figure well, as it looked beautiful tucked in or left out.

Mustard Linen Short Sleeve Top

Our bathrobe is perfect for slow mornings around the breakfast table or daily rituals. What is your usual routine before a shoot/how do you usually start your morning?

First thing I like to do is clear my head. It starts with a freshly brewed coffee, maybe a little fruit with yoghurt and then for a walk with my dog.

When you get the chance for some downtime, what do you enjoy most?

I live nearby woodland, so I like to get out in the fresh, open air. Having my dog is great motivation to do so, as weather can never be used as an excuse when that little face looks at you wanting to go out!

We spotted you’re a bit of a bookworm at our shoot – do you have any favourite titles?

I am reading Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali now, a truly inspiring story about a Muslim woman who was born in Africa; it details her fight to become a woman who is heard. My all-time favourite is The Red Tent by Anita Diamant, but I won’t tell you about that as I don’t want to spoil it!

Finally, do you have anywhere that you like to escape to during the colder months?

Definitely somewhere hot, I often travel back to South Africa to visit friends and family. They are all based in Cape Town which is just an amazing city to visit. We always try to go once a year. I do like England, but I try to go somewhere warm to escape the cold – even if a Linen Scarf has made me more inclined to stay here when the seasons start to change...

With thanks to Gill Macpherson