Linen Wardrobe

Linen Wardrobe

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Last week, we shared our ideas on how to promote happiness and positivity in your home (see our posts on Colour Therapy, Happy Home Tips and Guide to Feng Shui). This week, The Linen Works team is looking at how to improve our health and well-being.


It all starts with our favourite fabric… Linen has many natural health benefits. As one of the oldest fabrics in the world, flax which makes up linen has endless curative properties. Read on to see why a linen wardrobe is just so good (and healthy) for you…


1 | Breathe Again

Unlike synthetic or even cotton fabrics, linen is truly breathable. In scorching temperatures, linen clothing keeps you cool due to its ability to allow air flow all over your body. Studies report that a person wearing linen perspires 1.5 less than when dressed in cotton (as cotton sticks). This is why we love sleeping in linen pyjamas all year round. In cold temperatures it works in reverse, conducting heat and retaining warmth. It’s ingenious!



2 | Pretty and Pristine

Linen is naturally antibacterial and actually repels dirt due to the tough structure of its fibres. The more you wash linen the softer it actually gets. Linen towels are perfect the bath and kitchen, and especially if you’ve got children and babies in the house…


3 | Sensitive Being

Naturally hypoallergenic, did you know that linen is even used in surgeries! The linen thread is the only suture approved for internal use. It’s compatible with human cells and is the only material that can naturally dissolve on its own.


For those with sensitive skin, wearing linen has been known to improve their skin conditions. It has light massaging property, which helps to stimulate blood flow making you feel more relaxed. It’s also the best fabric to wear if you’re prone to allergic reactions. Years ago, we fell in love with the idea of wrapping up in linen bathrobes. Today, studies say that linen has the highest energy vibration of all natural fabrics. When the body is surrounded in linen an uplifting effect occurs.


4 | Good Vibes

Hardly dangerous, but rather an annoyance is static electricity. Linen is completely anti-static. It can also protect you from the sun’s rays. Something wondrous is that the linen fibres naturally reduces solar gamma radiation. Studies also show there are no traces of radiation in soil where flax is grown. This leads us to think that a big linen hat and an Artisan Pinny is a must for a day in the garden.



We’re not just saying it - linen is a healthy fabric and is really good for you! To read more about all the reasons why we love linen, click here


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