Laid-Back Linen

Laid-Back Linen

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Washed linen has an alluring appeal to the eye and touch. It feels softer and looks even better with time, adding to its charm. Linen is easy, no ironing is needed - an effortless style that is evident in top interior design and home décor magazines. We love the idea of understated luxury in every room of the home. Read on to see how you can get the laid-back linen look…



Neutral Palette


Neutral tones are like a blank canvas perfect for pops of colour and texture. Start with a row of cushions then to soft flowing linen curtains or blinds. Building up a neutral background is an interior design basic that will instantly change the mood of your room to a serene and calm one.  Restore and lift furniture with linen upholstery, it can help to transform the look of rustic woods or patinas



Soft Muted Tones



Subtle and sweet, mix and matching soft muted tones is a notable interior style tip (as mentioned in Remodelista’s Top Trends for 2015 list). Linen is timeless and can last decades. Years of use reveals a laid back, vintage look that cannot be replicated by any modern day machinery. Unlike cotton, Classic White linen does not yellow over time and looks beautiful and comforting with Dove Grey. For a bold and contrasting look, Parisian Blue with Classic White Linen is unexpectedly stunning. For a touch of masculinity and mystery, try Lens Charcoal with accent colours White or Dove Grey.



Linen & Beyond

Just as our weekly Linen and Beyond newsletter suggests (sign up now!), Linen has character and is individual. Not only is it an enduring fabric for the home, but it’s perfect for interior styling and creating something special. Try laying out a linen tablecloth in the dining room, there’s a distinctive lustre about it with natural light that is elegant and inviting. Sarah from The Linen Works team has an obsession with vintage fruit picking ladders (read more about her here), hang linen towels or bathrobes to create an element of interest and utility.