Charcoal Linen Tablecloth


The one-step tablescape. The kind of linen that will stay at the top of the drawer you use so often. Hand-sewn from stone-washed linen, our tablecloth is a timeless backdrop for any table setting.
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Top your table right with these hand-stitched linen numbers. Choose from a variety of natural tones, and feel free to mix and match (there are tablecloths and napkins here, after all).

Leave it out for everyday use (we like it a little wrinkly) and iron it crispy when you want to get a little extra fancy. And don't worry about spill - like all fine linen textiles, these pieces mellow beautifully over the years, becoming softer every time they're washed. 


  • Choose from a variety of 6 natural tones. 
  • Linen yarns dyed separately, producing a multi-toned effect on the final design. 
  • Monogramming makes a perfect gift! 
  • 4cm mitred hem corners around the edges
  • Made in Europe
  • Laundered at the mill for extra softness 
  • Machine wash with a gentle soap
  • Order fabric swatches here.


COLOUR NOTE: The colour of natural linen is always affected by the farming processes used to obtain fibres from flax plants. If the weather is particularly dry in one year and the other a rather wet one, it will affect the final colour of the plant. Hence, in this particular batch, the aubergine shade came out closer to a lovely chocolate brown.



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