We only hold sales a few times a year. We don’t have them more often because we’re small and want to support our makers by pricing in such a way that values their craft and care. When we do have sales and discounts, it’s to give you a chance to treat yourself, to finally snap up that beautiful linen you've had your eye on. We also hope you'll keep shopping with us on days when we don't have a sale.

As a way to give back for all the support we’ve had this year, we’ll be donating part of our profits to BLISS, a charity close to my heart.

In 2017, my son Otto was born prematurely, with a severe condition that meant he had to have surgery just hours after his birth. The months that followed his journey through the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit has changed life forever.

Initially, I felt completely fractured, as if I had turned into immeasurable shards, but as the days went by it became more like stardust. To be broken into pieces was somehow a pure experience of love. Self, for a moment, became completely irrelevant.

Otto has made a full recovery and he is such a happy baby; yet every day, without a doubt my heart is heavy for the parents going through this right now. Having to wait a whole week to touch your baby for the first time, having to leave the hospital with empty arms day after day and listening attentively to the machines that beep and hum.

As a business, Christmas has left us torn between fundraising this weekend and sharing how grateful we are for our loyal customers; who help us keep going and continue creating beautiful linens.

So this year we tried something new. We asked our followers to create wish lists of products they love online. Wish lists are great because they help us remember what we saw and liked but it also helps us navigate through your own desires and only buy what we need.

For every 100 lists created, we increased our weekend offer by an extra 5%. The result came to an incredible 422 wish lists, and I am confident we'll reach 500 by the end of the day. So this is how we got to our 25% off weekend offer on all our linens, and we will donate as much as we possibly can to BLISS to allow them to help the thousands of babies and families in greatest need.

We’ve never done this before but we are thrilled with your participation. We really hope this will be a great way to celebrate the skilled craftsmen of our wonderful linen industry, families in all their forms, and most importantly, life.


Larissa x