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Putting a face to a name...

As one of our customers, you may already be familiar with her loveliness. She is our much-loved Customer Care Manager and we thought it high-time she received a proper introduction…

Meet Yasmin Fullbrook
What do you love about linen?

I love the sustainable aspect of linen, being a conscious consumer I always look for ways I can lessen my footprint. Plus linen is such a beautiful fabric and ours is pre-washed to fasten the ageing process for a few years so it has this gorgeous softness so it makes sleeping such a dream all throughout the year.

Simple pleasures...

Reading a good book, seeing an inspiring exhibition or just taking in what a day has to offer all providing that same moment of delight.

A time when you really helped a customer

It is hard to pin 1 customer as we are so lucky to have many wonderful customers that really makes my day. A new customer we had over the summer had just redone her living room and was finding it hard to style with new pillows and throws, she found us online and we had a much detailed phone call regarding her requirements, I was able to find her the exact pillows and throws that worked perfectly in situ and to this day she is very happy and plans on doing her kitchen up next with our linen. We do love giving styling advise so please do ask us.

What is for lunch?

Freshly baked bread from my local bakery along with cheese, chutney and fruit.

When things go wrong

We are all humans and things go wrong, especially technology the best way I see how to handle issues within The Linen Works is by being honest with customers and facing the issue first hand and ensuring a good level of communication.

Last song you listened to

Sol De Bossa Nova album on a sunny Sunday afternoon, bliss!

A family tradition

I think its hard to keep family traditions in an age where family perhaps moves to different parts of the countries and world. But a tradition I have is at Christmas we do a harbour swim and get dressed up in fancy dress and plunge into the water on Christmas day for charity, a community seems to come together for a few hours and it's joyous my family cheer me on and welcome me at the finish line.

Things that make you happy

Family, friends, design, art and music along with the simple pleasures in life from changing seasons to a good bottle of red wine.

Tell us a bit about your work

Over the years I have developed with The Linen Works but a great part of my role is handling customers and being able to talk personally with them. We work as a close team and have an organic work ethic, I do love seeing an idea come to form from concept all the way through to the end result to what our customers see and then I can take over and help with the ordering

Favourite word


What you did yesterday
Took a lovely long cycle ride to the prettiest Danish fishing village south of Copenhagen and made sure to feast on the catch of the day.

Someone I love

My mother, my heart and continuous strength of support and inspiration