Christmas Table Inspiration


Monogram your table linens and turn them into precious keepsakes that will be cherished for years to come
The Arles Collection | Also Available in Grey

Our Tablecloth Sizes

  • 140x180cm | Recommended for a 4ft Table
  • 150x230cm | Recommended for a 6ft Table
  • 160x275cm | Recommended for a 7ft Table
  • 160x325cm | Recommended for a 8ft Table
  • 160x375cm | Recommended for a 10ft Table
Aubergine Collection | Best-Seller this Autumn

Looking after those inevitable spillages...

Washing your linen on a gentle cycle at 40°C should be sufficient, while white linens can be washed at a higher temperature of 60°C or even higher. Only use bleach on white products. We recommend air drying, however products can be tumble dried on a low heat and removed when slightly damp. Iron a touch damp for a crisp aesthetic or leave as dried for that signature crumpled look of lived-in linen.