Mulled Wine To Perfection

Mulled Wine To Perfection

Posted by Larissa Cairns on

The aroma of spiced wine is perhaps one our favourite smells of the festive season. We’ve put together a list of tips to make the perfect ‘Christmas in a glass’ mulled wine. Let the grape stained lips and warming of the soul begin…


TIP 1 | Never boil your mulled wine. It’ll affect the flavour and burn off all of the alcohol.


TIP 2 | Use a dry to semi-dry red. Anything rich, acidic or too sweet will only be enhanced and less friendly to sip on.


TIP 3 | Gently warm your spices in the pan BEFORE adding the wine, this will help to release more flavour.


TIP 4 | Go with the traditional mulled wine spices and try giving it a boost with cardamom, rosemary, fresh ginger or vanilla pods.


TIP 5 | For sweet citrus flavours, use fresh clementines or mandarins – blood oranges are also a good option.


TIP 6 | Use a linen cloth for all the spices and add a fresh citrus peel or chopped fruits for garnish.


TIP 7 | Let it brew, give it at the very least 20 mins before serving to really let the flavours mingle.

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