Storing your Kitchen Linen

Storing your Kitchen Linen

Posted by Larissa Cairns on

A linen cupboard is arguably the most timeless piece of a house. It is an indulgence of quiet plays of colour tones, shapes and scents where each piece tells a story. For this reason I like storing all my house linen together and from time to time I give it a makeover.


I agree it may take a little effort and it’s an accomplishment often unshared; but the joy of the end result stays with me for a long time...




I tend to fold my everyday linens (kitchen and roller towels) in piles and rotate putting the fresh ones at the bottom so I don’t always go for the same linens.


I keep all napkins and placemats opened flat to prevent creases. Tablecloths are kept in hangers and marked with the size and shape using a write-on label; this way I can quickly choose my table linen depending on the party size.


Family heirlooms and seasonal cloths are stored in baskets or fabric boxes with a lavender bag and a cedar wood ball.



Air drying is always recommended. I discourage tumble drying as this can over dry the fibres.



I personally like the attractive crumpled look of relaxed linens. If you enjoy a crisper finish, try ironing whist it’s still damp with a steam iron or linen water.



Avoid using salt or neat detergent which will set the stain. Rub red wine with sparkling water or white wine. Candle wax can be scratch off when dried and the remaining residue absorbed with blotting paper and warm iron. For fruit, coffee, tea and chocolate, rub with white vinegar.