Exploring Essentialism

Exploring Essentialism

Posted by Larissa Cairns on

There is truth in the saying that less is always more. The notion of Essentialism is the evaluation of what is essential to keep in our lives; is not simply about paring back our belongings and determining how little we can live with, it is about discovering what it is that we cannot truly live without. These are the pieces which truly matter to us, which are cherished and valued and most importantly, pieces which will stand the test of time.


The strength and durability of Linen makes it the ideal purchase for those wanting to invest in pieces that are simple, functional and timeless in their beauty. It can take a long time to put together the right ingredients, but the results are so much more rewarding than short lived purchases and instead lead you to an accumulation of items that elicit happiness. 



The end result is a highly personal approach that completely satisfies the senses and pieces that will last a lifetime. As William Morris said: "Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.


Linen gets softer with age making it both long-lasting and increasingly beautiful the older it gets. The hollow fibres make Linen Bedding ideal for all seasons, keeping you warm during misty mornings and cool on Summer nights.



Linen is 30% stronger than cotton which makes it much more durable for usage around the home. In the kitchen for example, Tea Towels are both long-lasting and lint free, immediately making them your 'go-to' drying towel. 


 The Linen Scarf is a staple piece for any wardrobe - this beautiful Slate colour suits all combinations and is perfect for wrapping up against Winter's morning chill, or wearing as a shawl during the warmer months.