Behind the Scenes: Our July, Christmas Photography Shoot

Behind the Scenes: Our July, Christmas Photography Shoot

Posted by Johanna Mattick on

When you gaze upon an image what do you see? Do you simply see content, or does it act as a source of emotional inspiration, even a desire to be a part of it? Communicating with images is commonplace in society today. As the world becomes viewed more and more through screens, it has become paramount that images speak to you, with only the subtlest of hints as to the intentions of the creator.


Luckily, the creative minds behind The Linen Works photography shoots blend so well together that the journey behind our imagery is - for the most part - wonderfully plain sailing. This time around we had the fortune of being in a beautiful London location not yet explored which brought endless excitement as we discovered charming features at every turn. Armed with a few new helping hands to bring fresh perspectives and an abundance of brand new linen products to elegantly style and model, this two-day shoot was one of our all-time favourites.


Experiencing Christmas in early August may be an odd concept to many, but, in our eyes, it is merely another opportunity to celebrate the most beautiful blend of sumptuous linen and cosy comforts associated with this festive time of year. So, with the Christmas lights lit and the gifts all wrapped to complement our wonderful new collections and colourways, all that was missing was a mince pie or two.


Here is a walk-through of the journey behind the images where the smallest crease, or the slightest tweak of a chair angle can help to portray a mood or tone, and with that, show the dexterity of linen and its timeless, elegant qualities.


Our new colourway, Rose Mireille looked the picture of luxury, made up in the master bedroom and beautifully adorned with Christmas foliage. Gill, our lovely new face, oh so naturally displayed our newest pieces of linen clothing in Mustard and Anthracite. A new addition to our darker tones of table linen, our limited-edition Aubergine colourway, brought a sense of grandeur to proceedings as the rich tones were wonderfully contrasted against the candlelight…


Larissa contemplating the childrens' Christmas scene 
Our new aubergine colourway being artfully styled.
Look out for Josie's styling for our flat lay gift ideas this Christmas! Ben in the background inspecting the images and showing teamwork is key!


New collections are set to launch early October. To enquire, please email