8 Reasons To Fall In Love With Linen

8 Reasons To Fall In Love With Linen

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Love Linen, Love Life. This is the ethos behind The Linen Works. Linen is truly a healthy, natural and eco-friendly material which has many benefits. We have put together 8 wonderful reasons why you should fall in love with linen...


1 | 100% Natural 

Flax needs no irrigation, rainwater is enough for it to grow so growers use less fertilisers or pesticides which make linen a beautifully natural material.



2 | Truly Healthy 

Linen fibres are naturally hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-mycotic. It has a natural pH balance which helps to soften and preserve the skin.



3 | Magical Fabric

Linen is incredibly absorbent while still feeling dry to the touch. Due to its natural hollow fibres it can absorb much more than any other material including cotton. Linen also absorbs moisture quickly – perfect for kitchen tea towels or bath towels.


4 | Resilient in the Kitchen 

Linen is 30% stronger than cotton which makes it much more durable for usage around the home. In the kitchen for example, after heavy use linen roller towels will still appear crease-free due to the strength of its natural fibres. Tea towels are long-lasting and actually get softer the more they are used. The best part? Linen fibres do not break down and get better after 3 years of use, this is why dishes and glasses are always lint free!



5 | So Comfortable

Breathable like a second skin, Linen can help to regulate your temperature. It absorbs moisture in the heat and retains body heat in the cold. Cotton sheets tend to break down after a few years whereas linen only starts to shine after 3 years! With our washed linen, we practically fast-forward to the 3 year feeling so you can experience extra softness right now! Amongst other materials, linen bed linen is the smartest choice you can make - it is long-lasting and looks incredibly beautiful the older it gets.  



6 | Love Wrinkles 

Linen does wrinkle because it does not have elastic properties in its fibre. It is 2-3 times stronger than cotton and continues to soften over time. While cotton tends to break down after 3-5 years, linen actually gets increasingly softer after 3 years due to the high moisture absorbency rate of linen fibres. Linen is a lovely gift that can be passed down to generations. 



7 | Tradition

Linen textiles have a long history dating back centuries to the Ancient Egyptians who used linen to mummify the deceased (and look how long they lasted). Woven by hand spun yarn in the past and modern techniques today, there is a rich tradition in its process and method. See our range of Irish Bed linen which is steeped in heritage - it can only be named 'Irish Linen' if woven in Ireland using traditional craftsmanship.
8 | Eco-Friendly

Linen requires less water to grow, fewer resources to process and has more uses for its by-products. It also has a chemical-free finishing compared to cotton, all the reasons why linen is the greener fabric by far to other materials. 


Have you fallen in love with linen yet? If you're new to linen, we hope that everyone has the chance to at least try one piece of linen in their home. If you're already a linen convert that's fantastic!


We believe that linen products make the most perfect gift and beautiful heirlooms to hand down to your family.


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